New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos Prop Bet Picks | AFC Championship Game

Patriots vs Broncos Prop Betting Picks

There are more than one type of bet available for the AFC Championship game. Below I have 3 team prop bet picks.  I also have links to our sister site PropBets.Football where you can find individual player prop bet picks for the game.

When prop betting…always remember. There is a far wider range of odds on prop bets between online sportsbooks than there is between line variations. Here are some links to online sports books so you can check the current prop bet lines.

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Patriots vs Broncos FG Sacks TD's

Patriots vs Broncos FG Sacks TD's
Patriots vs Broncos FG Sacks TD’s

Patriots vs Broncos Team Prop Bet Picks

Field Goals : Over 3½ Field Goals +100

The Patriots & Broncos are tied for 5th most field goals made per game at 2.1 each. The Broncos field goals made jumps to 2.6 in only home games. The Broncos have had problems scoring and last week was no difference. They made 5 field goals in the win. The Patriots bend but don’t break defense will give Denver several field goal opportunities in this game.

Sacks : Under 5 Sacks -105

Two veteran quarterbacks will be playing this game. Both are quite aware of the value of just throwing the ball away and trying again on the next down. Will there be pressure on both of them? Yes, but these guys will just throw the ball past the line of scrimmage and frustrate those defensive linemen.

Touchdowns : Over 4½ Touchdowns -135

If you read my Score Prediction for the game then you already know this one. If not, read my betting prediction for the game.

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