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Do you bet on sports? I have been betting for over 25 years. Betting in the state of Nevada and online. Whatever your game or your level of experience. The more relevant the information the more likely you are to win. With the explosion in sports betting analytics over the last few years there is more information than ever. But, is it worth the time to read everything that is available? For this, I depend on my experience as a casino analyst and as an internet marketing analyst. 80% is the numbers and 20% is the eye test. The numbers are well known and if you have experience in econometrics ( my economics degree required me too learn this) then you will have a great starting point in studying the numbers. There is a lot of hype surrounding predictive analytics in sports betting. Let me remind you that if it lived up to the hype then none of the people promoting predictive analytics would be doing anything but making bets from his yacht in the Caribbean.

Predictive analytics is a great starting point but the difference is understanding the game. Understanding the gambler and the hype that can move a line when the numbers say it is right. Experience is the difference that leads to the most important decision in sports betting. That is not betting. If your numbers like four games today but your additional research leads you to only betting on three of the four then you have just increased your ROI. Not betting on every game is not widely promoted because sports betting services make more money by selling you more games.

Another difference between this site and most other sports betting advisers is that I will be posting for the reader and not for the search engine (that is Google I am talking about). Others will create long articles stuffed with needless information. The reason is to rank high in search results. But, for you the reader it is a long waste of time to read old stats and info on the offensive guards injuries two years ago. You want help in deciding if you should pull the trigger or not. For this reason we will pursue a concise posting style. Don’t get me wrong. There are some articles that will be longer. Such as those on the Super Bowl because of the large number of bets available. But for most games like a college basketball pick between Long Beach State and San Diego State. We will go with a few words and a pick.

We hope you appreciate this style and follow us on your phone…from anywhere…Good Luck

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